Know why the Heart of PHP (HoP) website was created and get introduced to the PHP Language through a brief history.
Setup & Installation
Know how to install and setup a PHP development environment on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
The PHP Composer
Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. Get to know how to use other developers code with yours. This is where the magic starts.
Know the Language
Learn the basics of PHP from variable declaration through to functions declaration. Also learn some quick tips and tricks like which coding style guide to use alongside
Classes and Objects
Object Oriented Programming employs the act of code reuse. Learn how to create classes to organize your code and reduce repetitive tasks.
Modern Practices
Learn best and modern practices of PHP including how to write secure codes, how to test your codes, apply SOLID Principles, how to apply design patterns and a lot more.
PHP frameworks help to promote rapid application development (RAD), which saves you time, helps build more stable applications. Get to know the different types of Frameworks available.
There are lots of (good & bad) resources on the internet about PHP. Here a list of carefully selected resources including blogs, video tutorials, books, tips and tricks are made available.
Frequently Asked Questions about this language are tackled and discussed here. For example: Why PHP?, Is PHP Dead?, What can PHP do?, Who is behind PHP?, Which framework is the best? etc.

Dive into the most popular server-side programming language of the Web

Ever wondered how websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and Mailchimp works? Do you want to know how to program your computer and the web?
PHP can help you do that.